Tibako is an online concept store offering handmade products manufactured by natural materials.

Our mission is to offer unique and high-quality versatile products to our customers,

while supporting sustainability in the fashion domain and fair trade products within the local community.



We are two friends who decided to start a business, moreover to tell a story that supports small designers and tradition.

Local manufacturers and old trades such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, shoes & bag making,

as well any other form of craft that is handmade we want to support.

We produce our own line of products, but as well you can find other brands in our store.

Interested in a collaboration? Please, reach out to us here!


• Handmade production

In our store you will only find handmade products. We try our best to pick only craftsmanship with original and unique appeal.

• Natural materials and sources

We read what it says on the label. You should too. Natural fibers in our garments are not only important for our health, but also for the environment because they are less toxic and more biodegradable.


• Women support

While looking for a way to empower ourselves, we decided to empower other women as well. Long time ago, knitwear was more of a household necessity and a hobby, why not a job as well?

• Fair trade

A big no-no to factories or inhumane conditions. Our suppliers and makers don’t care about the quantity but quality.

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