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About Tibako

What is Tibako?

Tibako is an online concept store, containing only handmade products with a strong focus on natural source materials and selling to B2C customers.

What does Tibako means?

Tibako is a combined two-word expression, literally meaning “You Grandma” which was derived from “Thank you Grandma”, reflecting on the appreciation to all grandmas and mothers out there who pass on their knit-work knowledge.

Where is Tibako located?

Tibako headquarters are in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

What is origin of Tibako products?

For now, Tibako’s own production line is in Serbia. But Tibako also resells other brand’s products that come from Europe.

Does Tibako have a physical store?

No, Tibako only sells directly from the online shop.

Is Tibako also a B2B business?



About products/items

What does handmade item mean?

“Handmade” means that products/items were made manually  and not alone or automatically by a machine. Traditional tools such as machines for hand weaving and any other tool used in wooden or leather production is still to be considered handmade labeled due to human factor that still does the production manually.

What does “Natural” mean?

Natural means that the product was done 100% by natural materials and fibers, including wool, cotton, silk, glass, wood, metal, leather, feathers etc. If the product contains unnatural origin as plastic it will be marked as such below the product description. Tibako’s approach is to restrain from artificial materials as much as possible and in that spirit, in case of using such materials means we couldn’t provide any other option to keep the products functionality at its best.

Does Tibako offers custom made service?


What is my size?

For now, Tibako only sells home decor items so the size guide for women/men will not be provided. Otherwise, we will change this answer.


The care guide

What is “wool peeling” effect?

Some wool fibers tend to be more delicate than others. Wool has a tendency of peeling on the surface into tiny balls, which can create a worn-out effect of the item. This is a natural tendency of the material.

How to prevent wool from peeling?

Peeling in some cases cannot be entirely avoided, but it can be prevented with the proper care of the material. Such as washing the material less frequently, washing it by hands and not using washing machine or service of the dry cleaners. Not using harsh detergents, but more natural and delicate ones.

Can I wash knitted items in the washing machine?

We strongly advise against it. Some wool can be washed up to 40ºc degrees (like super-wash wool), or on a hand-washed program, but since we cannot guaranty the outcome, we recommend that you wash wool materials by hand in a cold water with a delicate soap or detergent.

After washing, my clothing has shrunken, what can I do?

Depending on how you washed the material, you might expect different outcomes. If you have used the washing machine, and the provided care information was against it, it means that you have to take own responsibility and not to blame the quality or Tibako service.

If an item has a tendency to shrink in washing (by any means) the information and warning will be provided. Please, always read carefully the caring guide.


Ordering from Tibako

Do I need to have my customer account to order from Tibako?

You can log in as a guest or create an account with us.

Why do I need to have a customer account?

This way it is easier for Tibako to provide you the best service and personalize your shopping experience.

What are my paying options?

Paypal and IDEAL.

What happens after I order?

You will receive a confirmation email, stating that your order will be processed after the time-frame of 24 hours. After those 24 hours, we will dispatch your order and send you another confirmation email with your delivery information.

What are the delivery options?

We use service for delivery with a tracking code.

Do you deliver to my country?

For now, we only deliver in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Can I track my package?

Yes, all our packages have a tracking service.

How long does it take to receive my order?

The delivery time depends on the destination, as well as some other factors. Please, view our shipping information here. For more information, you can also view official page here.

Tibako is not responsible for any delay due to external factors of the postage service, such as depending on the amount of packages, weather conditions and traffic on the road, but you can always contact us if you are worried about your order and we will try to help.

Can I choose a priority delivery?

Unfortunately, at this moment we cannot offer this service.


Returning your order to Tibako

Can I return my order?

Yes, you can. Within 14 working days after you have received your order.

How do I return my order?

Please, read carefully following returning steps.

  1. Please, contact Tibako store about your refund so that the Tibako staff can be aware of your complaint or return.
  2. Please, fill in the “X” mark for the item you want to return in the “Return Form”.
  3. Make sure that the Return Form is packed with the item you want to return.
  4. The return item should be placed in the original packaging.
  5. Please place the Returning Sticker on the surface of the packaging box.
  6. The item can be send through your nearest office.
  7. The shipping costs bares the customer.
  8. After receiving your returned package, you will be notified by Tibako about the delivery with following refund information.

When will I receive my refund?

With IDEAL type of payment it will take minimum 5 working days. With PayPal when purchases made with your credit or debit card, the refund can take up to 30 days to show up on your account. In case you have bought the item using your bank account or PayPal balance, the balance will be credited to your PayPal account, which can take 3 to 5 days to arrive in your account.

If I have removed original label from the product, can I still return it?


If I have used or washed the item after my order, can I still return it?


Do I have to pay for return shipping costs?

Yes. You can chose any shipping option, with or without tracking code.  In any case Tibako is not responsible if package gets lost and we can refund money only when we receive the product. Therefore, we recommend returning products using track and trace way of shipping.

Why Tibako does not cover the shipping costs?

Tibako is still a small family business, and unfortunately cannot provide a return free policy yet.


Collaboration with Tibako

I am a handmade manufacturer. Can I contact Tibako for a collaboration?

Of course! We encourage all creative souls to contact us. But please be sure to satisfy basic terms such as:

Your production is done within Europe or European Union countries.

You produce handmade items.

You use natural material sources.

You have a company or self-employed business that can provide billing and it is according to your local legal terms and laws.

What kind of products would Tibako be interested in?

We are interested in a home décor line, as well clothing, accessorize and shoes, for women, men and children. Please take a look at our website and see if you might fit. You can always contact us for any questions.

Tibako reserves its right not to take on some brands that may not fit with our collection or story. Please, don’t take it personal.

Who can I contact for collaboration questions?

You can contact

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