Special Edition: Meet Our Knitters!

Special Edition: Meet Our Knitters!

The Ladies Behind the Craft And the Craft Without Limits

When starting with Tibako idea, two main questions came up.

 1) What can we make, and 

2) Who will make it. 

Of course, greater struggle came with question number two, but luckily we have found My Creative House, a creative association based in Kikinda (Serbia), focused on domestic and traditional manufacture by supporting localized craftsmanship among women.  

Currently, there are nine women involved with Tibako project and each one of them you will have the opportunity to meet right now! 


Gorica Goca Mićić

When it comes to weaving and embroidery, Gorica is a skillful master who learned the trade from her grandmother. Her experience and activity with creative handmade communities goes over decades, such as the first association called Unikat and the second one Sloga, which is still active  and where she acts as a vice president.


Marica Basta 

In her retirement days, Marica still continues to knit and  sew, passing her knowledge to her daughter who also knits within the association. The knitting part she learned from her mother, while sewing she perfectioned on her own. (*Not related to Mira Basta). 


Vera Ivanković

Vera belongs to one of the rare generations that was thought all three trades by her grandmother and mother, including embroidery, also called “white embroidery” referring to making table cloths, linen…etc. 


Slavica Polić

Even though retired, Slavica still performs crocheting style the way she learned from her mother. Especially in making pillow cases, table cloths and other home décor accessorize.


Miladinka (Mica) Gajin

When it comes to combining old school craftsmanship with more modern and playful approach, Mica is the one who likes to experiment the most. Like many other women, she learned her trade from her mother. She also had an exhibition called “Hiljadu stubica” in 2013 with Tatjana Stojanovic at Gallery Terrau. 


Vesna Panić Laković

Thought by her mother, Vesna is great at knitting and crocheting. In her retirement days, she mostly enjoys in making hats and sweaters to fulfil her time.


Mira Basta

Among the group, Mira is one of the rare self-taught creative souls that learned the trade on her own. She enjoys knitting sweaters, hats and ponchos in her retirement days. 


Olga Golusin

Still active as a president of creative association “Sloga”, Olga is a versatile creative soul with specialty in embroidery, specifically in folk costumes embroidery, that is a rare ancestral and cultural hereditary. Lately, she keeps herself busy with making beautiful embroidered pillow cases.


 Natasa Djakovic

Coming from a creative family background, Natasa has four sisters who also know how to knit, including a grandmother who passed on the knowledge. Learning how to spell alphabet and trying out first yarn “knots” seemed like a normal day in her childhood. Today, acting as  a president of My Creative House, Natasa is very active in her role as a creative mind, but also a business woman.  

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