Fine Merino Wool Blanket (Honing)


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This amazing all-you-need blanket is made out of soft merino wool. Gentle to the touch but made to last with strong and bouncy fibers with a less tendency to pilling. The design was inspired by a patchwork look, creating each block separately before assembling it into one piece. The pattern itself was made with a double knitted method to ensure richness and the right texture. Each blanket on an average contains 72.000 stitches!

To ensure the consistency of the pattern the work is usually divided among only two women: one in charge of knitting the blocks, while the other in assembling and finishing the edges. 

It takes up to 120 hours for one of these beauties to be made. 

Dimensions: 170Hx120W(cm)

*Due to handmade nature of this piece there might be a slight 5% (+/-) dimension change between each piece.

COMPOSITION : 100% merino wool

CARE: Do not bleach. Do not dry under direct sunlight. Do not wash in hot water, only mild or cold. Only use gentle detergents. Do not crumble. Do not wash in a washing machine.  Do not steam.

Colour: Honing

Disclaimer note: We cannot guarantee that you will receive exactly the same blanket as from the photo, as each piece is original and unique, but you will receive a piece as depicted on this photo. There might be a slight colour variation between the product itself and the photo.


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