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The educational suspenders for preschool children: EMOJI ☹️??? is a nice opportunity to get your toddler acquainted with different emotions. With this emotionally educational game your baby will learn what kinds and types of emotions exist, as well as how to detect them inside of them selves and show them.

By being self-aware of its emotions, comforted and supported when dealing with them in early childhood, a child gain confidence and is able to better communicate its needs and understand those of others. Later on, emotional self-awareness is crucial in recognizing what motivates you and, in turn, what brings you fulfillment.

Moving the the slider on one side and pulling the intensity scale ⬆️ and ⬇️,  your child is not only expressing his / her emotional status, but also practicing their fine motor skills.

Express your emotions ☹️???! Be yourself! BE BEGABUNGO!

Recommended age (length regulated with buttons on the back): EMOJI ☹️???: 2,5y +

Color combination

blue and yellow, pink and yellow


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