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This circle knitted visually astonishing rug is a must have piece for your living room or any other part of your home that needs artistic boost. Each circle pattern has been made individually before assembling it into one piece. Made out of domestic and durable wool by the sheep that inhabit Bosnian and Herzegovian grasslands, and later on dyed with natural colours to remain the natural look, it depicts the perfect image of a balance between modern and traditional look. It feels solid and durable under the touch.  Not too heavy nor too light. Multicolour grey option gives a playful but as well classic look to fit easily with other colours. It takes up to 10 days for one of these beauties to be made. 

Dimensions: 130Hx80W

*Dimensions can vary  up to 5% (+/-) due to the handmade method and unique design of the rug, as each one of them will differ from one another.

COMPOSITION : 100% sheep wool

CARE: Do not bleach. Do not dry under direct sunlight. Do not wash in hot water, only mild or cold. Only use gentle wool detergents. Do not crumble. Do not wash in a washing machine.  Do not iron.

Colour: Marbled Grey

Disclaimer note: Due to handmade nature  of this piece, we cannot guarantee that you will receive exactly the same rug as from the photo, as each piece is original and unique, but you will receive a rug as depicted on this photo.


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